John Straumann talks about the CRM Experience

This vision of John's is so cool I couldn't resist posting it here. 

“I’ve just landed at La Guardia Airport in NY, and in the taxi on my way in, my favorite hotel, which recently put in a system to track flight arrivals of its preferred customers, sends me an email on my Windows Mobile device “Mr. Straumann, we see your flight has arrived and you are most probably in the taxi on the way to the hotel. You are checked into Room 1625 on our preferred floor, a single, non-smoking room with a king-sized bed, and we also assumed you would like the Tempur-pedic pillow you requested on your last visit here, so we took the liberty of putting one in your room. Please enter key code 1066 on the keypad near the door handle to enter the room, that code corresponds to your month and year of birth and should be easy for you to remember. We also note that the last time you visited us, you ordered a late dinner of a club sandwich. Would you like one sent to your room after you arrive? If so, please reply to this note and when you enter the code in the room lock we will be notified of your arrival and have your meal brought up right away. Thank you for visiting us again.”

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Comments (3)

  1. Jimmy Miller says:

    That is really, really cool.  I love to see ideas like this come to fruition.

  2. Anne Stanton says:

    So they sent him the password to his room, via his mobile device? I am not sure I like that part..

    Who knows who would be waiting for me on arrival.

    Still the customer service concept is what it is all about.

  3. Hi Anne:

    Why don’t you like that? Do you suppose those little electronic keys are any more secure than getting a passcode on a mobile device via SSL? TONS of people have master keys in hotels, and any one of them could be waiting for you when you arrive, and any of them could be compromised so that someone else is waiting!

    It’s like the people who are worried about internet security, yet will sign a credit card receipt, with their number printed on it clearly, in a restaurant, leave it on the table, and walk away! 🙂


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