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Founder and owner of Snapdragon Consulting Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia), Guy has over twenty years experience in the IT industry.  Guy has been working with Microsoft CRM since October 2002. He is a Microsoft CRM MVP; a Microsoft CRM Certified Professional; a Microsoft Business Solutions Certified Instructor; and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

With a background mostly in the area of Financials and CRM he has implemented and worked with a number of CRM applications including ACT, Maximiser, Onyx and Pivotal and was one of the first consultants in the Asia Pacific region to become Microsoft CRM certified.

Guy has a dedicated Microsoft CRM community site -

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  1. Welcome Guy Riddle, CRM MVP, and today’s guest blogger:

    I have been asked this question (and seen it…

  2. Mark Moran says:

    Hi there Guy,

    I am working on imlementing MS CRM here in Dublin. I need to convert a phone call to a case in much the same way that you converted an e-mail to a case. My programming skills are limited however and I am wondering if much of your code needs to be changed in order to do this?

    Many thanks,


  3. Today we welcome back guest blogger Guy Riddle , a long time CRM MVP who shares his insight with us.

  4. Welcome Guy Riddle , CRM MVP, and today’s guest blogger. How do we go about setting up a telemarketing

  5. Welcome Guy Riddle , CRM MVP, and today's guest blogger. How do we go about setting up a telemarketing

  6. Referral to CRM telemarketing expert in US says:

    Who would you recommend ?

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