IE7 and CRM v3 – Ending the Annoying Alert

In the constant effort to keep users from going to Bad Places™ and keeping them cognizant of their Internet surroundings, Internet Explorer 7 has introduced a number of security and notification features that alert the user when potential underhanded activity might be taking place.

Unfortunately, they seem to have caught CRM within their nets, ensnarling IE7 users with this alert.

Due to some thankful foresight by the CRM product team, there is a workaround for this issue which allows CRM to load up its goodness inside of the main IE window instead of its own window.

  1. From the IIS wwwroot folder, locate CRM’s Web.Config file.
  2. Open this up in your favorite text editor.
  3. Find the line which says: <add key="AppMode" value="On"/>
  4. Change this to say: <add key="AppMode" value="Off"/>
  5. Save.

That’s it! Now when you load up the web client (e.g. http://crm/), CRM will load into the main IE window on its own tab.

Michael Lu

Comments (10)

  1. BarryGivens says:

    Thanks for posting this Michael.

    I’d note that turning App Mode off will also solve another problem that we’ve encountered with IE7’s more agressive security model. When opening an Office document from IE7, either as an attachment or by using an export to Excel, the parent window (the window that had the link to the Office document or application) closes. Turning off app mode solves this problem and allows documents to be opened without closing down CRM.


  2. I’ve recently had discussions with some colleagues about the user experience of the CRM Web Client running,…

  3. Humberto Lezama says:

    But wasn’t the appmode intended to get rid of all the toolbar so CRM wouldn’t be messed up by users clicking "back" or "forward" ?

    Humberto Lezama 🙂

  4. Interestingly enough, when accessed from the Internet (outside the LAN), I have been acomplishing this with IE7 by using a shortcut to the url (mine is on the desktop).  IE opens, I get prompted for UN/Pass and it opens in a tab…  Just though you might like to know.  Doesn’t work on the LAN though 🙁

  5. fazo says:

    Our CRM 3.0 web.config didn’t have an entry for AppMode at all.  After entering the "Off" entry suggested above, there was no apparent change in behavior – still got the pop-up alert for tab closure.  Any suggestions?

    I’m uncertain what the default entries are for a vanilla CRM install, but it may be noteworthy that we are utilizing the GaleForce Software overlay, as well as the OppSol Email Manager.


    jc wade

  6. Travis says:

    Where or how do you access the wwwroot folder??  I’d like to get rid of this also.  

  7. 365blog says:


    The wwwroot folder is usually found here: C:inetpubwwwroot. This folder is found on the CRM Web Servers (ie. not on your client machine). Only the server administrators can typically access this folder.

    Philip Richardson [MSFT]

    Program Manager, Microsoft CRM

  8. David O says:

    I love this!!! and so do my users!!!

    Better than the http://crm/loader.aspx quick fix.

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