Some interesting analyst observations on Microsoft CRM

Gartner recently released a new independent report on CRM - Status Report on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 – that lays out their opinion on how v3.0 is doing after being in the market for almost a year.  Whether or not you agree with their assessment (they have a positive forecast for us on-premise, but have questions about CRM Live), they make some interesting observations about the popularity of Outlook as the place to access CRM data and the growing wave of customers targeting “practical” CRM deployments at the department and division level.

So what do you think?  Are you seeing similar trends in your corner of the world?

Andrew Bybee

Comments (3)

  1. Yes, we see the new CRM 3.0 really competitive and the Outlook integration is a must that customers appreciate a lot.

    However, what actually is a big source of work for us now (we’re an MBS Partner) is the integration of Dynamics CRM with other Dynamics products, in our cases expecially with Dynamics NAV.

    Customers are asking more and more integration between Dynamics NAV and CRM, so… why Microsoft can help us on this field? 🙂

  2. David Taylor says:

    Frustratingly for us, we are still on CRM 1.2 – we are a large deployment (over 50 users) so need to do this right.

    Sadly, due to limitations of the v1.2 product, we had no choice to do many customizations and in particular did a lot of integration via the web services.

    We were also forced to do some unsupported mods also to intercept the incoming emails because we found with v1.2 about 2-3% of incoming emails would simply cause exceptions and not even make it into the system and just be lost.

    Because much of that is broken in v3, we are attempting to upgrade our custom code before we migrate over to the new platform.  

    We are also finding it difficult to guarantee the upgrade will work because this system needs an uptime of 99.9%.  We cannot just bring it down for a few days during the upgrade and to sort out any issues.

    The hardest part of course is testing the whole upgrade end-to-end will work.  It is actually very hard to do with the links to Active Directory and Exchange – you almost need to virtualize your entire environment to test it.

    Anyway, hopefully some day we will be able to upgrade to CRMv3

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