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A bunch of us headed off to World-wide Partner Conference a week or two ago.  Obviously, it was a very exciting conference for us, as we made a big announcement or two (the biggest enabling us to talk about what we've been working on for a while now).  It was also a lot of fun because we always enjoy any opportunity to get out to talk in person to our customers, partners and MS field friends.

Michael Ott took a bunch of great photos, I thought I'd post a couple here.


The Expo Hall in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center:

One of the CRM Booths in the Expo Hall.  Here, Val Draper talks to some partners:

CRM was one of the sponsors of a partner appreciation party...

...where there was lots of weird Microsoft branded swag


Phil maintains that we need to put a more personal face on this blog by posting embarrassing photos.  I apologise to my team-mates, but bow to (and blame) Phil's wisdom.

Graham and Barry:

Mike Lu and his monkey balloon hat:

Andy, Mike Lu (this time he's a dragon), me and Ed:

The photographer, Michael Ott:

Graham.  Yes, karaoke occured:

- Ilana Smith

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