Feature Spotlight: Bulk Edit

Sometimes we work hard on a feature, struggle to get it into the product, test it in all possible permutations, ship it...and then forget to tell anyone about it.  We seem to have done this with Bulk Edit. 

For some entity types (Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Marketing Lists and Cases), you can select a number of records, and on the "More Actions" menu on the grid, click "Edit".  You'll be presented with a blank form of that entity type (see below).  Any fields you edit on this form will over-write those fields on the selected records.  (The UI model is suspiciously similar to the bulk edit functionality in our internal bug tracking software.)

I need to take the blame for the undiscoverability of this feature - I argued for hiding the Edit menu item on the "More Actions" menu rather than an icon on the bar because I didn't want people thinking that clicking the "Edit" icon was the only way to change a record.

- Ilana Smith

Comments (8)

  1. SomewholikesCRM says:

    Come on, please do a search using Microsoft Live and then post your article.

    We know the Bulk Edit Feature for since Feb from the following Post:


    It looks like you are just recycling existing Blogs…

    But there is always next time.

  2. El del CRM says:

    Ayer, leyendo el blog del equipo de Microsoft Dynamics CRM, encontré un post sobre la poco conocida capacidad…

  3. Pete says:

    Ilana — you had a valid point for hiding the button.

  4. Ryan Toenies says:

    I was recently reading the Microsoft CRM Development Team blog when I saw a post by Ilana Smith - Feature…

  5. You probably already know about a feature called bulk edit on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that lets you modify

  6. Novice says:

    Is there a way that I can bulk update entries to existing records?

    E.g. if I have a field called phone number and I have 5000 updates to phone numbers, can I import them by linking the existing records to an entry in a CSV (eg. account phone numbers?

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