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In my last post, I noted the lack of perfmon counters in the CRM product.  I’m happy to tell you that we are working to fix that situation in future releases of CRM. 

As I continue to work with CRM, I’ve starting setting my sights on Deployment Manager.  It serves some useful tasks such as bulk user creation and SQL server re-mapping but it still lacks completeness to the CRM admin story.   I find it annoying at times and we are working to sort out the CRM admin story in future releases of CRM.

I’d like to hear from the community about what likes, dislikes, and suggestions you have for Deployment Manager.

David Fisher

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  1. ibiz says:


    I have a client that runs their payroll system on the same box that serves as their CRM server. As a consequence they won’t give me remote administrator access to this machine.

    As a result I can’t get access to the deployment manager nor the workflow manager/monitor.

    However, I can get access to almost everthing else needed to customize and manage their system using the CRM browser interface.

    So you know where I am going with this?

    Build the Workflow and the Deployment Manager along with the Environment Diagnostics wizard into a ‘super administrator’ version of the CRM customization browswer interface.

    Jerry Weinstock

  2. I agree with Jerry. It would be great to have a single place to centrally manage all of the "behind-the-scenes" parts of CRM. Here’s my wish list for a single admin interface that combines:

    – bulk user creation

    – license deployment

    – server configuration

    – workflow rules (including importing/exporting workflow)

    – performance monitors

    – organization and system settings (business units, security roles, case prefixes, time zones, etc.)

    – customization (such as the current tools for entities/attributes and one for isv.config files as well)

    – a graphical UI for sitemap editing (maybe a little drag and drop action for shuffling the navigation around)

    – and here’s one that would be HUGELY helpful: how about a central administrative console to manage the Outlook laptop clients and set what they can synchronize globally or granularly

  3. SomeonewholovesCRM says:

    I would like to see a Tool to dump out all the Settings into a flat file or something. So i can use that for Documentation purposes

  4. My favourite feature in the Deployment Manager – the fact that you can right-click on a user in the User Manager area, and choose ‘Change Account’. I do a lot of training here in the UK, and you won’t believe how much excitement that generates! What I’d like to see is that documented (and/or perhaps made into a menu item) – and also, if you change the User account in AD (e.g. from FredA to FredB), I’d like to see that change reflected in the User record in CRM (I know it must be doing a GUID lookup, but it causes a lot of confusion).

    Second point – how about the ability to change the SMTP settings via DM? You can change the SQL server and the RS URL, so why not that. And on a related point, how about having a ‘confirm password’ when entering the password on the account that SMTP runs under.

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