Trimming the SharePoint chrome from Web Part Pages for use in Microsoft CRM iFrames

This post is a follow on to my post on removing the chrome from a document library view.


When using web part pages as a dashboard with-in the CRM window frame may want to remove the SharePoint navigation and title bar. Below are the steps I use to trim the chrome on Windows SharePoint Services v2 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003.


For web part pages you must modify the actual page. This means that you will want to create the web part pages specifically for use with-in the CRM frameset.



Figure 1 Sections to hide


Note: If you use “Split View” then saving the page will show the changes.


When looking at web part pages there are two sections which can be modified, the banner frame which contains the global site navigation options, and the title bar which contains the page name and personalization menu


Find and hide the banner frame

  1. Open the web part page in FrontPage
  2. Change the view to Split or Code view and start at the top line.

  1. Select Find from the Edit menu and search for “ms-bannerframe”
  2. This will find a “table” element with the ms-bannerframe class.
  3. Add the following to this table element
    style="display: none;"

Find and hide the title bar

If you want users to personalize the web part page then you may want to just remove the top navigation section and leave the title bar.

  1. Select Find from the Edit menu and search for “TitleBarWebPart”
  2. Scroll down to the web part properties section, to the IsVisible element. On my page this is 13 lines down.
  3. Change the value of the IsVisible element to be false.

 After my previous post Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi posted a link to his blog where he does some deeper modifications to handle user navigation. In addition, the blog mentions just hiding the undesired sections, I have incorporated this change into the steps above. Thanks for the hints Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi.


- Rich Dickinson

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  1. Whenever I talk to people about Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM everyone wants…

  2. If you want to hide the left menu, top menu, or

    title bar without using frontpage you can add a content editor webpart and add this code.


    .ms-navframe {



    .ms-bannerframe {

    display: none;


    .ms-titleareaframe {




    Easy and handy for certain situations. It won’t unghost the page like frontpage will.

  3. dave^2=-1 says:

    MS Dynamics CRM has some info on removing chrome from Web Part pages and document libraries . This is

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