Deploying Outlook client to managed environments

Did you know that it’s possible to deploy the Microsoft CRM client for Outlook out to managed desktop environments – even if users are running with limited user privileges?


One of the lesser known capabilities for the 3.0 release is support for deployment of the CRM client for Outlook using Group Policy.  It works by leveraging the ability of the CRM client setup to create an administrative image where most of the configuration options are set up in advance.  Once the administrative image is created and saved to a network share, simply create a Software Installation policy object in Active Directory and all of the target users will see the CRM client for Outlook show up in their Add / Remove Programs applet.  Group Policy takes care of managing the privilege elevation.


How do you set it up?  Fortunately, we provide step-by-step instructions in the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Implementation Guide!  Just download the guide and go to section 16-1 (titled “Installing Microsoft CRM client for Microsoft Outlook”) for the details.


Andy Bybee

Comments (5)

  1. Nicholas Rosselli says:

    I was wondering if MS supports using SQL 2005 express edition with the Outlook laptop client instead of msde 2000 sp4 since the 2005 has db limit of 4gb rather than 2gb.  Thanks in advance.

    Nick Rosselli

    Steinway & Sons

  2. IlanaSmith says:

    Not with the current 3.0 product, Nicholas.

  3. Daniel Card says:

    Hi Andy,

    I was wondering if deployment is possible using Microsoft SMS 2003?

    Many thanks

    Daniel Card

  4. Jerry says:

    I was wondering if MS supports a silent install for the Microsoft CRM laptop client for Outlook wich also installs the MSDE silent

  5. Ian Rainford says:

    I have been looking for a solution to this, it took a while, turns out to be pretty simple, so here you are…

    Logged in as admin:

    msiexec -JM LightClient.msi /Q

    This Advertises the App to all users of the target machine.

    Then Logged in as user:

    msiexec /i LightClient.msi /Q

    Does a total silent install. It you try to do this without the advert 1st you will just get "only administrators can install…."

    Hope someone else benefits from this, why dont microsoft include this in the implementation guide??

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