Bio – David Fisher

David Fisher is a Program Manager for Deployment/Administration and has been on the CRM Team for just over 4 months.  Before joining the CRM Team, David spent the previous 6 years as Program Manager on the portal team.


When not at work, David spends his time with his family and playing bass guitar.

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  3. Steve says:

    Hi David,

    I’m going into my final year of a software engineering degree and am of course hoping that Microsoft will consider me for their graduate program (Once I apply!).

    I was curious if you could give me some insight into the world of program management at Microsoft?

    The recruitment page glam’s everything up! Are program managers technical project managers or by the sounds of the recruitment page it’s a sort of architect role / pm.

    Could you please explain ?


    Steve 🙂

  4. By now, you’ve come to know many of the Program Managers on the team through the articles that they write

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