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Many people often forget to set the Customization Prefix when they customize CRM. When you create new entities and attributes CRM automatically creates tables and columns for you in its SQL Server database. It adds the Prefix to the names of those tables and attributes. CRM’s Web Services and underlying platform also uses these ‘schema names’ when referring to entities and attributes. The Prefix is designed to ensure a level of uniqueness amongst customizations and to help System Administrators understand the source of a customization. I highly recommend that all customers and partners set the Prefix of their CRM systems to something unique (like an abbreviation of their company name).


To set the prefix simple navigation to Settings > Organization Settings > System Settings. Then in the customization tab there is a single text box allowing you to set the Prefix.



Philip Richardson

Program Manager, Customization

Comments (2)

  1. Admir Dedich says:

    Philip, thank you for that.

    I trained that but tool always coming back with default prefix New? Please could you advice. Thank you, Philip  

  2. It should be changing itself if you save it here.

    One issue often encountered is the Settings page failing to save if something is wrong with Reporting Services. My advice would be to check the config of you complete installation (CRM, SQL RS etc) and then if the problem persists to check in with our support team.

    Philip Richardson

    Program Manager, Customization, Microsoft CRM

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