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Barry Givens started his technology career working for a Seattle based Web browser vendor at the dawn of the Internet era more than ten years ago. He joined Microsoft in early 1996 to work on Internet Explorer, FrontPage, the first version of SharePoint and then a way-ahead-of-its-time R&D project that never quite shipped. Since 2001 he’s been working on Microsoft business solutions, first on a sister team to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team proper.


Barry is currently a Product Manager responsible for driving business strategy around Mobility, BI and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. You can follow him on Twitter as @barrygivens .



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  1.  CRM 3.0 shipped with some innovative but unusual functionality for a CRM application: service scheduling….

  2. So you think you want to use Service Scheduling in CRM 3.0 but you’re not sure that it’s up to the task?…

  3. I’m going to beat the service scheduling horse one more time. That last time I posted on this topic…

  4. About half way through CRM 3.0 I took over the sales force automation functionality; some of the first

  5. You didn’t want to write code to get insight into your business? Alright, that’s fair. Check out CRM

  6. At Tech-Ed Developer in Orlando a few weeks back I lead an interactive session on CRM and Business Intelligence.

  7. tercasward says:

    Where can I find the following error message so that I may resolved this matter. We are using CRM 3.0 but unable to run reports due to an unauthorization error.

    The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.

    Terry Ward

  8. The CRM team is back on the conference trail. Over the next month and half we’ll be attending the

  9. The CRM team is back on the conference trail. Over the next month and half we’ll be attending the

  10. We work all the time and everywhere. Getting information, giving information, communicating and keeping

  11. The old school method of demonstrating mobile software, using a camera suspended over a device, is expensive

  12. Joseph Fuller says:

    I want to locate CRM Reports in a non-default location in Reporting Services. Is this possible? How do I do it?

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