Welcoming Users to CRM using E-mail Templates

Do you find yourself having manually to send out an email to each new CRM user with their login information?  Try using an E-Mail Template and CRM’s Send Direct E-mail feature to speed things up.

In fact, CRM comes with two e-mail templates out of the box specifically for this purpose.

·         Welcome E-Mail for New Users

·         Welcome E-Mail for Users Who Are Upgrading Microsoft CRM.

The steps are pretty straightforward.

1.      Click on the user(s) you wish to send the Welcome E-Mail to.

2.      Click on the “Send Direct E-Mail” Icon.



3.      Select the appropriate Welcome E-Mail template.

4.      Change any send options.

5.      Click Send.

That’s it! Your user(s) will get a nice piece of email goodness that includes the URL to the Microsoft CRM server. If you want to customize the template you can do that by going to Settings -> Templates -> E-Mail Templates.

Michael Lu

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