Mapping Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice Product fields

A product catalog contains the products that an organization sells. These products can be added to Opportunities/Quotes/Orders/Invoices as Opportunity Products/Quote Products/Order Products/Invoice Products respectively. This way the products can be tracked as line items in individual entities such as opportunities, and also can have entity specific functionality.


Q: When a new field is created in say the Opportunity Product field and that field is needed to be mapped to say a Quote Product field, what are the steps that should be taken?


A: Microsoft released a KB article that describes how this can be achieved. The KB can be found at


Manisha Powar

Comments (10)

  1. Hans I. Letnes says:

    Thats fine but what about mappings between Opportunity & Opportunity Products. What can I do here?

  2. Eric PETIT says:

    I am also looking for informations concerning mappings between Product and Opportunity Product in order to map fields form Product entity when creating a new Opportunity Product.

  3. angelsun says:

    Can you give something about question?

  4. Cade12 says:

    Created new attribute in Product cannot then map this accross to orderdetials and thren invoice details only allows you to link to new entitys, how but how do you do this.

  5. Ian Wallace says:

    I’ve a similar problem.  I want to bring extra fields from the product definition record down into the Quote Product. (eg a tax code)

    It looks as if a slight variation of what is described in these KBs should make this possible.  

    Do you forsee any problems in doing this?



  6. Sid Herron says:

    My question is the same as Ian’s.  I want to bring the product cost from the product entity record down into a cost field I’ve created in the Quote Product record.  It doesn’t appear that there is ANY kind of mappable relationship between the Product and Quote Product entities.  This is a little frustrating, as it seems intuitive that you would want to capture what the expected cost is at the time a quote is generated.

  7. Albert Han says:

    how could we do it in CRM4 now?

  8. Oliver Voit says:

    The solution for the mapping between Quotedetail, Salesorderdetail and Invoicedetail can be found here:

  9. Nan Fletcher says:

    I wouldl ike to map between Order Product and a Custom Entity. How canI do that?

  10. Tejashree says:

    how can we map between lead entity attribute and email activity attribute

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