TFS MOM Pack update

I'm still hoping to hear more input/feedback on what sorts of stats/conditions you'd like to see exposed in a MOM pack for TFS.

Here's a list of some of the top scenarios we're planning around (this list is by no means complete, it's just a sample):

  • Long running applications or processes

  • "Something" happened (various scenarios around features being offline or not behaving as expected)

  • Recent errors and other events

  • "Heartbeat" style transactions (verify the availability and/or performance of various components)

If you're interested in the operational side of TFS, please take a look at my last post and let us know if you have additional suggestions/feedback on our brainstorming for this area.

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    I’m always a fan of tracking "size" data, and being able to do so inside the MOM interface would be cool, perhaps

    – stats on the AT file cache (access, hits, misses, ratios, content count, content size)

    – stats on the various proxy file caches (same data as the AT cache)

    – free disk space on relevant drives on the AT, proxy, DT, build machines, etc. (likely done outside of our MOM pack)

    – workspace/user/files/folders/projects counts/sizes

    – "activity log" data – counts of each successful and failed calls (so you can notice when there’s a spike of failed Get operations, for instance)

    Of course, related derivative data (may be done by MOM or a warehouse interface rather than our pack)

    – trending data to show expected size/date combinations, especially to help figure out when you’ll need to plan capacity upgrades

    – trending data on CPU/memory consumption (likely not something we’ll expose through our particular MOM pack, of course), also for planning needed capacity upgrades

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