Configuring Team Foundation Server to Use a Remote SharePoint Server

Dan Kershaw has produced (and updated) a whitepaper for folks who don’t want their TFS AppTier and SharePoint servers on the same machine. Unfortunately, the doc seems to have moved since most of the links out there were created. As of right now, it’s located here: Warning: I’ll quote Brian’s post on the original…


Silence – "No news is good news" or "Ominous"?

I haven’t been posting much lately. The reasons are very much “no news is good news”, though, not an ominous silence. The AdminOps team is “heads-down”, so we can get some key improvements for TFS done and polished in the timeframe we’ve set for ourselves. Adam (referred to in the office variously as “Adam2” and…


More on TFS Extranet Support

James recently posted more details on our ISAPI filter and how it enables access to TFS in common extranet scenarios. I’m very interested in feedback and suggestions on this feature. We want to know if it helps you, or if not, what it’s lacking or what could be improved / changed to support your needs….


Accessing Team Foundation Server over the Internet

SP1 introduces an extranet feature to Team Foundation Server. Before I link you to the details, though, please accept some cautionary notes (being professionally paranoid when it comes to software security is part of my job description). Warning the First: It is always more risky to have mission-critical data accessible over the internet, than to keep…


FAQ: Why does Project Creation Wizard (PCW) still say I need to be a Sharepoint Administrator after I become one?

The short version: If you’ve encountered the scenario above, make sure the user running PCW is in the designated Sharepoint Administration Group, not just added to the server with the Administrator Role. The rest of the story:I’m creating this note because I believe more than a few people out there have run into this scenario;…


Vista RC1 goodness

Slightly off my normal topics, but I wanted to post a quick note about Vista. More of a “datapoint” than a general review. On the downside, I’m discovering that 1GB of RAM just really isn’t enough for what I do with a machine (professionally) these days – between muliple instances of VS, an IE with…


PowerShell & Team Foundation Server

PowerShell, the bits formerly known as Monad. I imagine many of you have heard of it by now. If you’re like a lot of us in TFS Admin Ops, you’re also looking forward to kicking the tires and starting to figure out just how much you’ll be able to do with it. Our team is…


Must go faster…must go faster!

In addition to being Jeff Goldblum’s favorite one-liner (apparently), this is a pretty common expression for anyone dealing with computers. My experience has been that, aside from the very day you get a brand new machine, you probably wish it could do something faster than it does – load a program, render your Night Elf,…


TFS MOM Pack update

I’m still hoping to hear more input/feedback on what sorts of stats/conditions you’d like to see exposed in a MOM pack for TFS. Here’s a list of some of the top scenarios we’re planning around (this list is by no means complete, it’s just a sample): Long running applications or processes “Something” happened (various scenarios…


TFS Admin & Ops: What’s in a MOM pack?

Where did I go for the month of June? Bad blogger!   A recent forum post asked about the availability of a MOM pack for TFS. We’ve been planning to include this in a future release (there isn’t one for v1).   I’ve been brainstorming a bit on what kinds of metrics and actions we…