The Steering Wheel is Invalid

We wrapped up the Beta3 testpass, as you can probably guess. My favorite questionable translation from the last week of testing: Babelfish claimed an error message generated on the Japanese version of XP translated to "The steering wheel is invalid." After collecting myself, I quickly realized the error message must be "The handle is invalid" -- I don't know whether XP, Babelfish, or the fundamental vagaries of language context are to blame. Also, given the fact that window handles and bugs relating to them tend to drive you crazy, maybe it's not such a bad translation after all.

Beta3's been out for a few days now. The VPC is apparently a work in progress and should be available for MSDN subscribers "Real Soon Now."

We've noticed a lot of traffic on the forums in the past few days, asking lots of good questions, finding some bugs, and in general kicking the tires. The forum is sort of Q&A/troubleshooting-focused, which is good. But, we're always interested in more general feedback as well.

So, have you tried it? Do you have any highlights/lowlights to share, or "Good/Bad/Ugly" experiences or anecdotes?

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