"SHIP IT!" (virtually)

In the comments for my last post, nearly everyone was asking for VPC images to be provided along with Beta3 itself.

The good news: There will be VPC images made available for the Beta3 release.

The not-so-good news: They probably won't be available on the same day. It takes some time to get these set up properly and make sure they'll work as expected (if it was simple there wouldn't be a big push to publish them, right? :), and obviously it's not one of those things you can just throw more people at to get it done sooner. Look for one more post (probably not much more than a link) once the VPCs are made available. I'm assuming 'made available' implies 'on MSDN subscriber downloads', but I don't know the specifics just yet.

In the meantime, I better get back to that last handful of wacky resolve testcases...here's one: "Dependent rename - d renamed to c, c renamed to b, b renamed to a - get/resolve should be able to unravel in a single operation".

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  1. What about if "a" were renamed to "d" within the same operation? (yes, you could do it, by first renaming it to something else and then renaming it to d once all the other files were renamed). Could you handle that case?

  2. CRathjen says:

    Yes, cyclic renames are also supported in the same checkin.

    There are some limits as you get even more obscure. For example, if I branch a tree and checkin, then add and delete multiple items with the same name, I can’t merge all of those in a single merge. To put it in the more general terms, you can’t merge multiple changes to same namespace in a single merge operation

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