I just called…to say…"SHIP IT!"

Team Foundation Server Beta3 is almost here. We're finishing up the Beta3 testpass, making those painful decisions about what's important enough to fix in Beta3 and what has to wait for RTM, making sure those last few nasty Beta3 bugs that were resolved are actually fixed, etc. It's a fun, but busy intense time for us. I'm only taking a moment to write about it because I'm eating lunch at my desk at the same time (my keyboard is not a happy camper). The "SHIP IT!" chants have started up (out loud and in email), and pretty soon people will actually mean it! 🙂 

We've tested more configurations in the last few weeks than we ever have in a such a short span. We have dozens of configurations we test, choosing values from variables like:

  • single server vs. AT and DT on separate servers

  • client OS (SKU and language)

  • server OS (SKU and language)

  • client product language

  • server product language

  • Yukon SKU

  • Active Directory domain type

So, for example, recent automated runs checked out English on German OS's, Japanese product on Japanse OS (clients running XP Home), manual testing this week is English product on Japanese OS's, servers are AT+DT on the same box. German proved better at finding flaws in our automation setup than at finding bugs in the product, but both are useful in the long term...

It's now or never...

Comments (8)

  1. James says:

    I can’t stress enough how useful this was. Please, in the name of all that is holy, ensure that you ship a preconfigured VPC image along with it (just like the one for Beta 2).

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Typhoon121 says:

    Even though its a beta we would rather you fix bugs make sure things work, and try to minimize bloat (We all know that MS products has many of those features that very few people use or is just useless.) Than get a buggy rtm version. This is why at least a few years ago most campanys waited for SP 1 or update rollup 1 before they start using a new or updated products. Ship it when its ready not when the suits say so.

  3. CRathjen says:

    James: I’m investigating whether this is in the works or not, and will definitely request we do so if not – I want a copy of it for my home machine 🙂

    Typhoon: I hear you, believe me you’re preaching to the choir. I should point out that the whole fact TFS is having a Beta3 is evidence that we are trying to hit a higher bar on initial quality bar, rather than RTM along with the rest of Whidbey and risk having TFS ship "with duct tape flapping" as Jason is fond of saying.

  4. Sam Gentile says:

    Let me have it already! Just kidding but I can’t wait to install it and I echo the VPC thing

  5. SHIP IT! 😉

    I love the idea of the VPC image as well.

    If you need me, I’ll be at the subscriber downloads, refreshing every once in a while…waiting….

  6. Well, that taste might actually be my old socks under my desk, but either way, here is the goss, from…

  7. Firedancer says:

    Are you guys going to put it on MSDN Subscribers Download?

  8. dru says:

    +1 for vpc images. makes beta testing so much nicer

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