<– Blogging n00b

Apparently, I'm more of a blogging neophyte than I thought. Or, I could blame the infrastructure, I suppose.

I set anonymous comments to 'moderate' instead of publish by default. Which is great, but apparently I don't get notified when there are unmoderated comments, so I didn't realize I wasn't seeing some non-spam comments on my blog posts. Bleh! When we were using .Text, we had a nice easy mechanism to notify you that there were unmoderated comments. Either we don't have that now, or there's some setup step I didn't (know to) follow.

So, look for additional comments and (hopefully) answers from me in some of my other relatively-recent posts, and I'll just turn all comments to publish by default, for now - we'll see how the spam/trackback spam goes for a bit.

And be a simple kind of man...

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