I need a subtitle!

I'm going to borrow a page out of Korby's playbook. I talk about a somewhat scattered variety of topics - lots of areas within Hatteras, security (not a whole lot so far but more as I go, hopefully), and (rarely) my possibly compulsive level of familiarity with videogames, books, and movies.

I'd love to hear some ideas for a blog title. If I get a really cool one from a non-MSTF'ie that I pick, a Microsoft PC or XBox game of your choice is in the offering (it's not a free copy of Visual Studio, but hey, I give what I like to get!).

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  1. Frank says:

    How about JAFB: Just Another Fantastic (or some other word that starts with F) Blogger?

  2. JK says:

    c:> tf checkout this_blog.cs

  3. How about:

    "My Opinions, All The Time"

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