TFS Administration Guide

The TFS Administration Guide is a great resource for anyone who maintains one or more TFS instances (or is planning/considering doing so). Here are a couple highlight topics: Team Foundation Server Planning Checklist This covers everything from hardware requirements to domain considerations, backup/restore planning, security requirements, and more Team Foundation Administration Walkthroughs This includes scenarios such…


TechEd 2008 FAQ: Branching and Merging with Team Foundation Server

This was the most popular question asked at our booth (and perhaps all of the VSTS area) at Tech Ed Developers 2008. It was asked in various forms, but they all boil down to basically the same question: How should I manage branching and merging? Some folks are new to the concepts (e.g. many folks…


Back from TechEd Developers 2008

I’m back after a fun week at Microsoft TechEd Developers 2008. I answered tons of questions about Team System in general – and Version Control, Build, and Setup in particular. I’ve brought back a variety of feedback and feature requests. Over the course of the week, several topics emerged as common questions and themes. Over…


I’m at TechEd 2008

I know my blog has been on hiatus; but if any of you readers are attending TechEd in Orlando, Florida this week (June 2-6) and would like to meet me, here’s your chance 🙂  I’ll be at the Team Foundation Server booth in the Technical Learning Center most of the week.


TFS Configuration Survey: Follow up

First, let me thank everyone who filled out the survey. With Brian and a few others spreading the word, we collected 100 responses very quickly. Here are some follow-up thoughts and further questions based on the received data: I apologize for the survey closing after 100 responses were received. I didn’t know the survey mechanic…


Tell us about your Team Foundation Server

I’m working on some test planning for the next release of Team Foundation Server. One area I’m focused on is testing various possible configurations of TFS. Here are a few of the configurations we regularly test: All on one box – App Tier, Data Tier, SharePoint all on one machine Typical 2-box – AT and…


TFS 2008 and Enhanced Availability

Some of you may be familiar with the “AT Warm Standby” feature that was included with TFS 2005 (aka Whidbey). This feature is also available in TFS 2008 (aka Orcas) but with some slight changes. Our guidance to people using this feature is to install/configure SharePoint and Reporting Services off of the AT (or move them,…


TFS Orcas Setup

Setup. Setup. Setup. That’s what I’ve been focused on for quite some time, and we’re pretty excited about the improvements we’ve made for Orcas (aka Tfs 2008). I could barely pull myself away to play Halo 3 last night! 🙂 TFS has some challenges in this area – when you build on top of so…


Team Foundation Server and Longhorn Server Beta3 (aka Windows Server 2008 Beta 3)

I wanted to post a couple tips relating to some issues we’ve seen with this scenario, mostly because I did some searching of my own and there’s not a lot of guidance out there (yet). Issue 1: Installing and Configuring Windows SharePoint Services on LHS We’ve been doing this via automated testing for some time,…


WSS 3.0 support in TFS 2005 now ‘official’

Jeff posted that the ‘unofficial’ guidance for modifying TFS2005 to use WSS 3.0 (on the AT or a remote machine) is now official. You can read his full post here. To jump straight to the goodies (note that, right now, the Tech Notes page has a little bug where 1501 and 1502 both link to…