A Man in Enemy Territory

The Seattle Seahawks are in the super bowl, I am happy that they are going. But there is one small problem – I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I moved to Seattle almost 10 years ago, and before my move I was born and lived about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. So while I cheer…


You can download our book if you are a MSDN subscriber

It has been confirmed by a few MSDN subscribers that you can download our book, Working With Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. I have not tried it myself, but it is supposed to be in PDF format. Just click on the Help | Register Product menu item to begin registering, and you should get an email…


Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples now available

You can now download the automation samples for Visual Studio 2005 at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/code/automation/default.aspx. This package includes samples updated to use the new VS 2005 .addin mechanism, new samples for 2005, and many of the old samples were ported to be written in C#, J#, VB, C++/ATL, and C++/CLR. Because of some problems, the tool GenerateIconData…


Visual IL source code now available

I have upload the source code for the Visual IL language service and project to http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/visualil. There are a few restrictions that I put on downloading the source code, mostly because I am planning on writing a new book on the sample and I need to be able to ship the sample with the book….


That is a lot easier than I thought

For a while now, people have been asking me how to create Satellite DLLs for their Add-ins. My response was always to create your .resx file for each culture, run resgen from a command prompt to create the .resources file, then run al to create the DLL. Finally you need to create directories to contain…


Our new Visual Studio 2005 Book

You may have heard that we have a new book out for Visual Studio 2005. The unfortunate bit of news is that it is only available if you buy the boxed version of Visual Studio, meaning that if you subscribe to MSDN, there will be no way for you to get a copy. We are…


Extensibility Intellisense files now available

I have posted an MSI that will install XML files that will help you when programming Extensibility features. When installed, you will get more information in the tool tips when programming extensibility types. If you program against any of these Assemblies:  EnvDTE.dll EnvDTE80.dll Extensibility.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.TemplateWizardInterface.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCCodeModel.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProject.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSContentInstaller.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSHelp.dll Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSHelp80.dll VSLangProj.dll VSLangProj2.dll VSLangProj80.dll then you may wish to install these files. I created a new GDN…


Content Installer News

Recently I uploaded new builds of the Content Installer Power Toys. This upload fixes a few small bugs, including one bug with the shipping version of Visual Studio. To sign a file with Authenticode, the file being signed needs to be a PE file (such as an exe or dll), but a VSI file is…


Managed Satellite DLLs for Extensibility

As you may know, some extensibility (both Add-in and VSIP Packages) features now support storing resources in managed Satellite DLLs. But we have had a few comments that people have not been able to get this to work. In all cases it turned out that the Satellite DLL could not be loaded, either because the…


Command Bar Types – Part 2

A few weeks back, I had a posting about how to use the new MRU button list command type when calling AddNamedCommand2. This time, let’s discuss the drop down combo type of command. VS has a drop-down on one of the command bars that allows you to select the current solution configuration. Because you cannot…