Why C# and VB are not supported for VS Shell Isolated stubs

I have been asked a few times why, when you run our wizard, we generate C++ code and not C# or VB. Some have even tried creating a C# or VB stub exe only to find errors when their program is run. Why does this happen? A file that is put into the GAC when you install the…


Community Content Installer Power Toys – new location

Since Got Dot Net was closed down, I have not uploaded the power toys to a new location. I have received a few mail messages asking where they can be found so I thought I would try out the new SkyDrive service, and uploaded it there. You can download from http://cid-262f6eeac88c4916.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Content%20Installer%20PowerToys.zip