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Samples and tools are a big part of the VS SDK, but what we decide are good samples and tools are not always what you need. So here is your chance to let us know what you would like to see. Always feel free to send us mail directly if you do have a suggestion, but here is a forum for you to discuss ideas. I am not talking about something simple like "I need an example of how to get to the X service", but real, substantial samples and tool ideas. I cannot make any promises as to which ones we will do or when they will be available, but we will try our best.


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  1. sean says:

    A tool to diagnose package load failures and "Appid denied the loading of package" devenv log messages (without reference to PLK issues).

  2. CraigSkibo says:

    Sean: This is something that we are working on, and hope to have something available soon.

  3. Hi Craig,

    VS SDK installation adds two shortcuts for Reset Experimental hive and for start devenv.exe in that hive… That’s ok but that would be more convenient to have a small tool for more operations with registry Experimental hive and some other related to VSIP development such as item and project templates:

    – Reset (e.g. with 2 dropdowns From and To hives)

    – Run VS in specified hive (with or without /NoVSIP)

    – Execute devenv /installvstemplates command for specified hive

    – Execute devenv /setup command

    – Execute devenv /resetskippkgs command

    – Something similar I missed…

    I have created the number of the batch files for these purposes. But I spent time for the understanding what I need to perform on registry, VS templates and other similar routine. The small tool I described above will allow developers who just started using VS SDK to understand the hive’s and template’s idea faster.

    Best wishes,

    Dmitry Pavlov

  4. fudu says:

    What about an example of how to (mis)use the "compare revisions" view for comparing arbitrary textfiles not just two revisions of the same file?

    I imagine one could mark two files in the solution explorer and open them in the compare view by klicking on a new command in the context menu.

    I think that would be a nice feature for visual studio and a good demo for the potentials offerd by the VS SDK.

  5. Jeff Greene says:

    It wouldn’t help me very much now since I just finished implementing it myself but I think it would be good to have a smart tags example.

  6. says:

    While I am sure i can work it all ou with enough hard slog reading and so on, what I find to be lacking is an end-to-end definitoin of a langauge extension package, in a real language one woudl use to do this, prefeably straight C, but C++ would do.

    What I mena by this is that there seesm to be disparate examples in C3 and so on of variaous bits of things, all of which seem very good in their own right.

    However, I would prefer to see is the definition of a small language (something artificial that has a syntactical construct to show each aspect of langauge integration), then in one .sln, show colorization, parsing, brace matching and so on, so that if the invented language were a ‘real’ one it woudl be the complete implementation of all aspects of it.

    Now, I realzie that this is quite a bit of work, but then so is working out how to do all this "on your own" so to speak.

    Thoguh I am eventually going to do this anyway, as the contributor for C runtime and code generation for the ANTLR opensource recognizer generator project, I would be willing to create a code generator that would pretty much generate language integration packages given a full enough ANTLR grammar specification (I might need to invent some annotations, but what the hey).

    I think that given this example, apart from jumpstarting myself a little quicker (again, I will do it anyway, but this is work for free ;-), that this woudl really result in a proliferation of languages added to VS2005+. I have been meaning to add some for a long time, but the tine barrier is a problem, even though it is probaly just a week or so of solid reading.



  7. c says:

    I would like to see a sample posted that does the minimum amount of work necessary to demonstrate adding a custom marker to an existing language service.

  8. BobF says:

    I easily found 2 of the 2007.02 IDE Trail Tutorials in error by simply following them.  #3 I have not been able to resolve.

    For those of just beginning to get a handle on the VSSDK, it would nice to have the tutorials tested prior to publishing.

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