You can download our book if you are a MSDN subscriber

It has been confirmed by a few MSDN subscribers that you can download our book, Working With Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. I have not tried it myself, but it is supposed to be in PDF format. Just click on the Help | Register Product menu item to begin registering, and you should get an email describing how to download it.


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  1. Ryan says:

    I just took a look for this on subscriber downloads and couldn’t locate it. Any ideas on where to find this?

  2. stuart says:

    you get the book by registering vs2005, you can access the download from the benefits portal.

  3. Jamie Cansdale says:

    I registered, but afterwards couldn’t find it on the Visual Studio 2005 Registration Benefits Portal Downloads. Am I looking in the wrong place? How about uploading it to MSDN subscriber downloads?

  4. Skip Valentine says:

    Got it! Also got the Working with Visual Studio 2005 Team System pdf by Richard Hundhausen. Although I had to search for the "Registration Benefits Portal" (my Blackberry wouldn’t display the entire Registration email).

    Found this link on the Registration FAQ to the "Benefits Portal" :

    It’s very cool they made this available for subscribers!

  5. Pavel A says:

    Just downloaded the pdf. Very compact and useful! thanks!

  6. Matt Roberts says:

    So, I have MSDN Universal subscription and I’ve registered my copy of VS.NET 2005, but when I follow the Registration Benefit Portal link in the "thanks for registering" e-mail, I get "Error: The page you have requested is unavailable or you do not have access."  Any idea what’s up?  Is the registration portal the only way to get the e-book?  Should I be able to get it somehow via the MSDN Subscribers page?

  7. Chris Weber says:

    This worked for me:

    Basically you need to sign out of your passport account on the Microsoft site.  Then click the URL in the email address and then sign into your passport account and the benefits page appears.

    Holy cow what a run around!

  8. Anton says:

    Thank you Craig. It could solve many our VS integration issues.

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