Visual IL source code now available

I have upload the source code for the Visual IL language service and project to There are a few restrictions that I put on downloading the source code, mostly because I am planning on writing a new book on the sample and I need to be able to ship the sample with the book. But if you notice any issues or wish to contribute, I would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. cs says:

    What is Visual IL for those of us not in the loop?

  2. Keith Farmer says:

    cs: "language service and project"

    A language service is a VS plugin that provides a language. VC# is the language service for C#, for example.

    The project provides a template for new IL projects.

  3. Arild Fines says:

    Is there any way to get the source besides the Gotdotnet source control interface?

  4. CraigSkibo says:

    I posted the source as a zip in the releases.

  5. cs says:

    "The project provides a template for new IL projects."

    Ah I see. So you can have Visual Studio support for writing directly in MSIL then, right?

  6. Druidictus says:

    Craig what is your aim to the release? Are you hoping others can help you to further its development or are you happy for others to take the project in a whole new directions of their own?

    I guessed you maybe releasing this source as your commitments are too great to maintain the project properly, am I correct?

    Btw, it’s great you have released it and in the first place the support you have tried giving to small IL community.

  7. Arild Fines says:


    "You shall not expose or enable others to expose the functionality contained in the Integration Code in a manner that allows it to be accessed or used by any third party product. By way of example but not limitation, You may not disclose the Integration Code to third parties in source code form;"

    Visual IL, being provided as source, obviously violates that. The fact that you also intend to publish a book based on this, also violates the agreement.

    I’m not complaining per se, I’d just like a clarification on whether that point in the agreement actually prevents you from releasing code written against the VS SDK in source form (for example under an Apache/BSD-like license, like AnkhSVN). The wording would seem to indicate that it does, but various releases by MS employees (Visual IL, WiX, blog posts etc etc) seems to indicate otherwise.

  8. Druidictus says:

    "Integration Code" In what context relating to Visual Studio 2005?

  9. Arild Fines says:

    The agreement describes "Integration Code" as the code you write against the Visual Studio SDK.

  10. Craig Skibo says:

    My main goal behind releasing the code was to allow people to see how to write languages for VS. When I started writing the code, I intended on writing a few book chapters around it, but then the goals of the book changed which did not include VSIP. But I kept getting questions about how to write language services, projects, etc. for VS, so I decided that this would be a great learning tool for everybody. I still plan on working on it, and writing chapters for my next book (if there is a next one) using this sample as what I write about. I also plan on cleaning up some messy code in the near future, and I made good progress this weekend with a code model.

    If you have any bug fixes, enhancements, etc. I would certianly like to look at them (I have a few fixes that I will be posting in the next few days). Remember, the VSIP license does restrict a few things, and it takes precidence over any other license issues – I have a request out to legal to clarify Arild’s question. So make sure you read the latest version of the VSIP license, and I will also just to check some of the changes that have been made recently.

  11. CraigSkibo says:

    For the snippet of the license given above, it was pointed out to me that this is from an older version of the VSIP SDK license. The newer SDK has a different license that specifically addresses community sharing. You should read that license. This sample code is subject to that license.

    If you ever have any questions about the reading of a license, you should contact your own legal representation. I am not a lawyer, and I cannot give out legal advice or provide interpretations of a license.

  12. Arild Fines says:

    The weird thing is that I still get the old 2003 click-through agreement with the text I cited above if I try to download the October SDK. Clicking repeatedly on the link causes it to appear maybe four out of every five time.

    The agreement displayed in the actual installer contains text to the effect of what you said, though.

  13. Arild Fines says:

    And as for asking about a legal issue: it seemed to me that you would already have had such a source code release cleared with legal, and thus would have some insight into it.

  14. Some MSIL low level tools that could be useful, especially Deblector.

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  15. Micheal says:

    Hi Craig,

    Can you make the Visual IL source code available as an archive please.

    There is no downloadable release on gotdotnet (which is closing down in any case).


  16. Hi Craig,

    I can’t wait to see your IL code Editor but I cannot download it from gotdotnet, it’s phased out, where can I download the project (I don’t need the sourcecode).



  17. Shawn B. says:

    Can you make this available to download somewhere, gotdotnet is closed and the code is gone.

  18. garry-hl says:

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  19. Hi, great job man.

    I wanna test the VisualEditorIL, where’s the download link?

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