Extensibility Intellisense files now available

I have posted an MSI that will install XML files that will help you when programming Extensibility features. When installed, you will get more information in the tool tips when programming extensibility types. If you program against any of these Assemblies:


then you may wish to install these files. I created a new GDN workspace at http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/VSExtTools where you can download this file.

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  1. Troels Gram says:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the xml files- this will surely make add-in development easier.

    I’m in the process of porting an old addin of mine to VS2005 (see URL). It has a few options pages, which I would like to port as well. Looking at MSDN the only information I could find on registration of options pages was here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b389wd38.aspx. Unfortunately the article fails to describe the steps required to actually do the registration of the pages (in the .addin file I assume).. Could you point me to some additional information?

  2. CraigSkibo says:

    You can add this within the Extensibility tag of the XML:


    <Category Name="My Category">

    <SubCategory Name="My Subcategory">






    You can add multiples of these tags if you have more than one page.


  3. Troels Gram says:

    Thanks for the useful information!

    I noticed that the new addin system supports automatic removal of commands when devenv.exe is launched with the /resetaddin XXX.XXX command- excellent feature! It is possible to have the same functionality for CommandBar objects? Right now I add a new toolbar like this (in response to ext_cm_UISetup):

    Commands2 cmds = (Commands2)appObj.Commands;

    CommandBar cmdBar = (CommandBar)cmds.AddCommandBar("DoxyComment",vsCommandBarType.vsCommandBarTypeToolbar,null,1);

    Problem is that that the toolbar object doesn’t get deleted when the /resetaddin XXX.XXX command is executed (the commands and controls are properly removed though). Can I in any way "associate" my commandbar object with my addin so it get deleted automatically? If not the only other way is good ol’ devenv.exe /setup, which resets everything.

  4. Fabrice says:

    It think this can be very useful. Unfortunately, when I run the setup file, nothing is installed.

    The "C:Program FilesMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Extensibility Intellisense Files" folder is not created and intellisense doesn’t work.

    Any idea?

  5. shawn says:

    Well, I got the same problem on my system: nothing was created after installation no matter which folder I specified. Did anyone successfully install it?

    I checked with Control Panel and found that it did install on my system. I just do not have an idea where it installed (my system dispalys hidden files/folders), or maybe it just did blank installation.

  6. shawn says:

    Hello Craig,

    As the doc mentioned that we do not need to use addin to create the custom options pages, then what is the format of the xml file used to define the pages if I do not have an addin xml file to hold it?

    Where should I put such xml file (defining the options pages)? Place it where I put other addin xml files?



  7. CraigSkibo says:

    Sorry it took me so long to respond.

    You do not need to do anything to make these files work, just run the installer. The installer creates a directory that will be empty, but it will put the .xml files in the same directory as the DLLs listed in this post. When you start typing in the editor and use a type from the above listed assemblies, you should see more information about the method being used.

  8. CraigSkibo says:

    XML for Tools Options pages go in .addin files, so you will put them in the same location as all your Add-ins.

  9. shawn cheng says:

    Thanks Craig. The info really helps.

  10. I have updated my most popular (by far) article to include information and sample code about how to create

  11. Srinivas KS says:

    Hello Craig,

    I am looking to extend intellisense in VS to the following requirement…

    1)I have a method foo(int specifier, int a, int b, int c)

    2)specifier can take value 1,2,3

    3)if it is one, then it means a is mandatory value, 2 for b and c for c

    4)BAsed on the mandatoryness of the parameter, I want to colour it differently in the intellisense popup window.

    Though this requirement doesnt make any sense, this is a highly simplified abstraction of my requirement. Can you tell me is it possible to write an VS extensibility addin where I can capture the intellisense events and make it display what I want?

    Thanks in advance.


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