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At TechEd, we will be holding a Cabana session (we are calling it a cook off) where we will present a menu of possible tools for VS (Add-ins, macros, VSIP packages, etc.), then let the audience decide which ones we should build. We will then build them live, on stage, in front of everyone. Later on we will post these samples to the web (after cleaning them up a bit for general consumption) for you to try out.


We have a list of tools we thought would be good to show off, but we want to know what would you like to see. Keep in mind, we only have about an hour to an hour and a half, so we cannot do something overly complicated. Post your suggestions!

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  1. Will says:

    I don’t want to sound grouchy, but frankly I’m completely sick of hearing about gimicky add-ins, etc for VS/whidey, when those of us using the wretched thing in the real world are stuck with:

    File lists which don’t get sorted alphabetically

    Menu editors which can no longer reliably associate control id’s with resource.h

    The slowest, most unusably stupid ‘add DDX variable’ dialog for the dialog editor

    Slow stupid multi-project build dependancy checking

    Impossible installation systems for VSIP/Addins which tear-up each others’ command associations


    The VS7.1 IDE is a shoddy half-finished piece of work, and frankly the team should stay in their offices and get it sorted out before venturing out in public to perform speed-coding stunts. Hardly any of the problems in 7.0 were fixed in 7.1 and there seems no prospect of a fix before Whidbey, which is heading off backwards into the future.

    Are people in Redmond aware quite how many C++ programmers are still using VC6 because they can’t productively do MFC programming with VS.NET? Is no one embarrased by this?

    Pah! Just writing this has made me cross.

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