My TechEd 2004 Schedule

I will be participating in two scheduled events at TechEd this year. I will also be working at a booth that we will have on the showroom floor, and as usual, I will be roaming around and free to talk to anyone who stops me (last year at PDC I was up until 3am every day talking with people - hopefully I will get some sleep at this conference).

Below is the schedule for what has been scheduled so far.

DEV352  Visual Studio: Top Ten Ways to Customize and Extend the IDE

Wednesday, May 26 3:45 PM- 5:00 PM, Room 31ABC

Speaker(s): Ken Hardy, Craig Skibo

Track(s): Developer Tools and Technologies

Have you ever wanted to add a menu command or a new window to Visual Studio? Are you interested in adding new features to the Visual Studio IDE? This session tackles the most popular scenarios using the full range of extensibility, including Visual Studio Macros, the Automation Object Model, and the VSIP SDK. See how to use them together.

[My description: During this session, we will be showing you how you can build a package and Add-in that work together to create a new tool integrated into VS. What is the tool? Here is a hint: Why use a web browser when you could be reading this blog inside VS?]


DEVC09  Visual Studio Feature Cook Off - The Power of Extensibility

Wednesday, May 26 8:30 AM- 9:45 AM, Cabana 05

Speaker(s): Allen Denver, Ken Hardy, Chetan Parmar, Craig Skibo

Track(s): Developer Tools and Technologies

Do you want to see some of Microsoft's finest developers race against the clock to develop your most requested Visual Studio features? Stop by and learn about Visual Studio's robust extensibility story. See many examples of cool features added by developers or Visual Studio Industry Partners. Nibble on new ideas for how VS can meet your needs and take home a sample or two for the folks back at home.

[My description: During this session we will be doing live, on stage development of code for features that are requested by customers. Some of it may ship in the finished VS product, and all of it will be available for download as sample code]

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