Leaving for the holidays

I will not be posting here for a little while. I am leaving in a few hours for my annual trip back to Pennsylvania for the holidays. I don’t take that many vacations (you should see how much vacation time I loose each year), so I look forward to these trips. It has been quite an eventful year, I published my first book (it is exactly one year since I sent in the final copy of the last chapter I wrote), I bought my first house, and got a new car (I’m still not sure how I have avoided getting a ticket). Not to mention all the good stuff that we did in the automation model for the Whidbey release for VS.


I will not be completely lazy while I am gone. Although doing absolutely nothing will consume a large portion of the time I am gone, plans are to think about what the object model will look line in versions after Whidbey. I will also be working a little bit on the second edition of “Inside Visual Studio .NET”. No, we are not sure if we will have a second edition or not, but we would like to do one and our book sold well so it does not hurt to plan ahead. I am putting together some chapters about VSIP, with a walkthrough and samples for a project and editor package to edit IL projects and files. I may also make a quick post to this blog with a tutorial on how to create custom bitmaps for commands with transparent UI that I wrote a week ago, but never posted.


I need to go now, I need to get to the airport a little earlier today because of all the new security checks. Everybody have a safe and happy Christmas/Hanukkah and New Year. Don’t eat too much turkey (or whatever your traditional feast for the holidays are), and I will see you in 2004.



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