PDC Wednesday

It has been a long couple of days, I have talked with a lot of customers in the past 24 hours, and I was up until 3:00AM last night talking about Add-ins, macros, and the like. But I need to say, I am quite excited about what I have been hearing. After weeks, and months…


PDC Monday – Part 2

I do not have the software that I use to post to this blog available right now, that is why the first post for today lost most of its formatting. I will try to repost later with my normal blog software.


PDC Monday

I have not been making as many posts lately as I should, so I will be making a few posts today combined into one… I got into LA late Sunday night. I waited in long lines at the ticket counter and (because I forgot my keys in my pocket) I spent a lot of time…


I Love LA!

Well, I really don’t love it, but it is a nice **little** town. PDC starts next week, and I will be arriving Sunday night for the festivities. I will try to update this blog nights during PDC, talking about all the new technologies that I see. And if you happen to be at PDC, I…


Crossing the VSIP bridge

I had another person tell me today that they decided to scrap the Add-in code they wrote and start writing VSIP packages. My response to them is always “Why?” Not too many people know that you can go from the automation object model into VSIP, and from VSIP to the automation object model, with just…


Keeping up with the Jonse’s

Many years ago, after reviewing all the available products out there, I settled on the DVD+RW format and bought a DVD burner. Blank disks were expensive ($15-$20 each), the software was really bad (they recently released a patch so you could run it on Windows XP), and they were slow. After a trip to practically…


Reference counting, garbage collection, and zombies, oh my!

I am often asked if there is a bug in VS when using the object model from an out of process controller. People often find that, even though they tried to shut down VS that devenv.exe is still alive in the list of processes. Well, sit back, relax, grab a cup of <insert your favorite…


New work

This is the second Tuesday that I have given out info on some changes in the object model for the next version. I think I am going to try and do a “New feature Tuesdays” blog from now on. This week’s topic: Passing bitmaps to VS. In version 7.0/7.1, when we had an automation methods…


The house that Craig built

OK, I really didn’t build one, but I recently bought a house. We are not talking BillG size of a house, and I have no yard because it is a townhouse condo, but I am happy with it and it is much bigger than my current apartment. I have been thinking about all the cool…