To everything there is a season…

Well, today at 3:47 AM PST the Fall Equinox began. Cold temps, short days and long
nights will become more and more common. Sometimes I miss those fall/winter days
in Pennsylvania, waking up in the morning to 3ft of snow piled up outside and below
zero temps. I literally did walk up hill both ways in the snow to get to school.

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A good software program that I use for astronomy work (and where I found the 3:47
time given above) can be found at
Be warned, it is written using Java (insert copyright notices on the name Java here,
I am too lazy to do it myself) so you will need to have a JVM installed to use it.
The source to an older version is available, and once I compiled it to .NET using
J# with only minimal changes. That just shows how easy it is to convert Java to .NET
with the J# compiler.


I tried working on my own version of an astronomy app using C# a few months ago, but
because of time restraints I did not get much more done than calling off to a GPS
receiver and then sending the results to to
translate that to a town name. Maybe I will post what I have to a GDN workspace (
and see what happens.

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