Time to go

After 111/2 years, I have decided that I need to take a little time away from work and will be leaving Microsoft. So on November 9th I will be walking out those Microsoft doors for the last time. You can read more about this on my personal web site at CraigSkibo.com.   Craig


Why C# and VB are not supported for VS Shell Isolated stubs

I have been asked a few times why, when you run our wizard, we generate C++ code and not C# or VB. Some have even tried creating a C# or VB stub exe only to find errors when their program is run. Why does this happen? A file that is put into the GAC when you install the…


Community Content Installer Power Toys – new location

Since Got Dot Net was closed down, I have not uploaded the power toys to a new location. I have received a few mail messages asking where they can be found so I thought I would try out the new SkyDrive service, and uploaded it there. You can download from http://cid-262f6eeac88c4916.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Content%20Installer%20PowerToys.zip


Visual Studio Shell architecture – Part 1

Before getting into how this new Visual Studio Shell Isolated (let’s call it VSSI for short) thing works, I thought I would go into some background of how Visual Studio works, so you can better understand how your program will work. When you click on the icon in the start menu to start Visual Studio,…


Indroducing Visual Studio Shell

I have not been making too many posts here, mostly because I have had my head down working on some new, secret tools for the past few months. Now I can talk about them because today at TechEd we announced what that new tool is, Visual Studio Shell Isolated. That is one of those fancy,…


Making Add-in development easier

One complaint that we have received about creating Add-ins is about the .addin file. Specifically, why are there two of them? If you move the project file, check into source code control, etc. then the file no longer works or disappears. To make this easier I wrote a small tool found at http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/VSExtTools under the name .addin Helper….


Hello old, new friend

For the past few years, Carlos Quintero has been the MVP working with the automation model. Last night we finally got to meet over dinner for the first time during the Microsoft MVP Summit. I would like to take this time to thank Carlos for all his hard work on the Yahoo! group, the MSDN…


Now taking requests

Samples and tools are a big part of the VS SDK, but what we decide are good samples and tools are not always what you need. So here is your chance to let us know what you would like to see. Always feel free to send us mail directly if you do have a suggestion,…


Time for a change

If you have not noticed I have not posted to this blog in a while. There are many reasons for this, a few of which led me to decide to leave my current position in Visual Studio. For the past year I have not done much with extensibility and instead have spent most of my…


New book now available

I know it has been a while, but I just wanted to drop a note that our latest book, Working With Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, is now available in paperback. If you need a copy, you can pick one up from places such as Buy.com, Amazon, etc.