Device Selection Scripting Object, MSDN Wikis and WinHEC

The WLK docs team release two exciting items last week.  The first is the addition of Wiki functionality to the DTM documentation on MSDN.  Check it out, you can be a virtual member of the WLK docs team. The second is the release of the Device Selection Scripting Object white paper.  This white paper docs…

Next rev of the DTM is available today

The next rev. of the DTM has been released.  See the official announcement here.  The most significant change to this release is the creation of a new product, the Windows Logo Kit (WLK).  Over the last several months we’re been breaking the components of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) necessary for developing drivers apart from…


Please complete the DTM survey

We have posted a short 10 question DTM survey on Connect.  Please take a few minutes this week to help us ensure we’re prioritizing features as you would like by completing the survey this week.   Survey is here:  


Backup you DTM database

One of the most consistent things I’ve heard from both our internal and external partners since WinHEC is the need for more and better DTM documentation.  What we can get into the product is pretty much locked down at this point.  However, that won’t stop us.  We have a number of mechanisms for getting critical…


WHQL Log Viewer available

The first DTM Power Toy is available for download.  This tool opens the packages you create to submit your drivers to WHQL letting you browse through the results and logs.  Send feedback on the tool to  If things go the way I hope this will be only the first of many DTM Power Toys.


DTMSupp to continue

When I wrote this article I expected to see a lot of complaints about moving all support to a public forum.  I had hoped to use those complaints to argue for keeping the alias.  The good news is I didn’t need that support.  The alias will continue to be available for support issues indefinitely.

DTM Support moving to newsgroup model

DTM support is moving to a newsgroup model which should make the increasing volumes easier to manage.  From our support team…   DTM now has a Please start telling DTM customers about this newsgroup.  We (DTM Support) will be monitoring the newsgroup to ensure timely response to customer posts.  I’ve posted a couple of…


Hardware and driver developer blog list

I have no idea how long this list has been available.  If you’re looking for Windows driver and hardware blogs this is the place to start.


DTM help docs posted for download

The current DTM CHM has been posted for download.  This is the same documentation you get in the DTM Studio today and is the best source of information on how to setup systems for and run the logo tests.