WHQL Log Viewer available

The first DTM Power Toy is available for download.  This tool opens the packages you create to submit your drivers to WHQL letting you browse through the results and logs.  Send feedback on the tool to whqldt@microsoft.com.  If things go the way I hope this will be only the first of many DTM Power Toys.


The Art of Project Management

One of the things I had hoped could happen on this blog is a lively discussion of things I’ve read lately that others may also have read.  My first attempt was some reviews of chapters in Naked Conversations.  It didn’t seem to resonate with anyone, but I’m going to try again anyway.     The…


New Wikipedia entry

I’ve been impressed with the value of Wikipedia lately.  In the past using the Internet to search for information on an reasonably common topics often led to many useless links.  Today I know I can go to Wikipedia and likely get good, topical information and links to the best resources on the web to learn more. …


Windows Live Expo

I’ve used the Windows Live Expo beta to get rid of some left over construction materials I had as well as to sell the Mariner’s tickets I can’t use, I have season ticket in the Terrace Club.  It is excellent and the new features outlined in this post should really take off.  The integration with…

Puzzle time: think outside the box

I’m not a big puzzle person but I ran across this puzzle twice in less than a week.  Once in a project management book and once in an architecture book.  I’m sure many of you have seen it before.  If not, have fun.


More driver blogs

Here is another new blog driver developers and testers will want to keep their eyes on.

Customizing Vista Setup

This capability of Vista Setup came up in a number of conversations during the recent WHQL event on campus.  I don’t think it has much application in the driver development and testing space but apparently it is an interesting capability so I’ll share it with the rest of the world here. As you know from…

Peter Wieland has started a blog

If you’re at all involved with Windows driver development I expect you’ll want to subscribe to this blog.  I did.

Driver Dev Con and WinHEC

Steve asks a good question… “Any word on DevCon yet? ” There is no Driver Dev Con planned for this year.  That’s pretty disappointing to everyone on the WDK team.  If this is disappointing to you also, I recommend you let the WinHEC organizers know.