Direct Link to WLK Support

You may notice in this week’s WHQL News that we have finally fixed one of our nagging flaws.  We now have a direct link to the WLK support team.  Use this to create support incidents.  I’ll keep this link in the Links list on the right side of my blog.

WLK 1.2 = Done

Sorry I wasn’t able to tell you earlier, I didn’t want to scoop the flash that just went out. Below is the official announcement sent via a WHQL news flash and will be sent via the WHQL news next week.  WLK 1.2 Release Announcement We are pleased to announce the release of Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.2. You can…


WLK 1.2 is Almost Ready

Obviously we’ve missed our April 1 target date for WLK 1.2.  We are taking a little extra time because we’ve checked in a bunch of fixes to tests over the last few weeks.  I expect we’ll be done with validation by the end of the week.  We’ll build the final doc set, do mastering and…


Next kit release and a new blog

As you’re aware we were planning to release a beta of our next kit, WLK 1.2 “Boston” last week.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  There is quite a bit of overhead that goes along with releasing a public beta build. We took a close look at what had changed and made the determination that it wasn’t…


WLK 1.1 SP Now Available

As you will see in the WHQL News later today, the WLK 1.1 SP has been posted to Microsoft Connect.  Below is the official release announcement.  You may be wondering what is up with the 1.2 release.  Recall that we were supposed to have a preview “beta” release of 1.2 on Feb. 1.  Attempting to…


Please take a few minutes to complete the 2008 WLK Partner Survey

The Windows Logo Kit (WLK) team is asking for your participation in the annual WLK/DTM survey.  The data collected in this survey last January was used extensively during 2007 to inform our decisions and direct our investments in the WLK.  Please help us ensure we make the right investments in 2008 by taking a few…


Which WLK should I use

With all of the releases we’ve had, WLK, OS, WLP, it can be difficult to answer the question, which kit should I use.  These statements should make it simple… ·         Either WLK 1.0.c or WLK 1.1 may be used for XP, Server 2003, and Vista RTM submissions. ·         WLK 1.1 must be used for Server…


Storage WDK Blog

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times…I have yet to meet anyone on a Windows device team that is not totally dedicated to helping you get your devices logo’d.  Storage is one of the very best…check out their excellent WDK blog.


WLK 1.1 Released to Microsoft Connect

WLK 1.1 was posted to connect with Vista SP1 RC1 and Server 2008 RC1 last night.  The official announcement is below and will be in Monday’s edition of the WHQL news. WLK 1.1 Release Announcement We are pleased to announce the release of the Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.1 to support the Windows Server 2008…


Final WLK 1.1 Preview Build Available

Last week we posted the final preview build for WLK 1.1 to Connect.  This is the last opportunity to make sure everything is working.  We’ll release this kit with Server 2008 RC1 and will begin accepting logo submissions for all programs from 1.1 at that time.