Google blog search: I don’t get it.

I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you Google has launched a blog search tool.  I really don’t get it though.  Blogs always showed up in Google searches. Google Search on “Windows Driver Kit.” Google Blog Search on “Windows Driver Kit.”   The Google search returned all the same blogs that the blog…


eBay buys Skype

There has been a lot of action in the IP phone business lately.  It won’t be long before that business explodes and somebody is going to become very rich.  Unfortunately for owners of eBay I think the announcement that Skype has been purchased is an opportunity to dump your eBay stock.  eBay has a great…


Happy birthday Chicago!

It was exactly ten years ago, right now, that store keepers flung open their doors to let eager Windows 95 buyers in.  They had been lined up outside for hours so they could be the first to own Windows 95 at 12:01am August 24, 1995.  Comp USA was feeding the eager Windows 95 customers free…


Vis-tah or vee-stah

First, let me issue the disclaimer; I am not a linguist.  I have no training or special skills on knowledge in the area.  Therefore, I was both surprised and amused to find that, of all the hundreds, or thousands of blogs that must have been reporting the news of the new name for Windows Longhorn,…


Happy Halloween

Today is one of the really great days to work at Microsoft.  At about 4PM the buildings on campus will start filling up with kids in costumes trick-or-treating through the hallways.  Each group decorates their areas of the buildings however they feel is approriate and bring in various kinds of food and drink.  In the…


Matching time program

One of the great things about working at Microsoft is that the company is continually monitoring the health of the company and when they see problems, they make changes.  Let me be clear, they don’t just shuffle the deck chairs.  They make changes. They make you say wow!  It happened again this week.  Microsoft has…


Yipeee :)-

It appears that the next version of Office will let you save documents in PDF format.  I really hate PDF documents.  They’re so damned inflexible.  The documents are usually two columns, or more, wide and if you zoom out to where you can see a full page the text it’s too small to read.  This means…


Deleting files from a mounted image

You may find that you’re unable to delete files from a mounted image when using Windows Explorer.  The reasons is that, in Windows Explorer the ‘delete’ operation is actually a ‘move’ to the recycle bin.  ‘Move’ is not supported by the WIM filter driver.  As a result, you will need to go to the command…


Puzzle time: think outside the box

I’m not a big puzzle person but I ran across this puzzle twice in less than a week.  Once in a project management book and once in an architecture book.  I’m sure many of you have seen it before.  If not, have fun.


Digital Signatures for Kernel Modules on x64-based Systems Running Windows Vista

This is an important change for Vista drivers.  The biggest change, from my perspective is this… “Note: Even users with administrator privileges cannot load unsigned kernel-mode code on x64-based systems. This applies for any software module that loads in kernel mode, including device drivers, filter drivers, and kernel services.” Tripp has a good take on…