My Blog in Chinese?

We've been working with Microsoft Research to use their machine translation technology to translate the WLK help docs into different languages.  Today I'm looking through my referrals and I found this URL.  Actually, I'm not sure what language that is, but check out  I can put in any English word or phrase and have it translated or I can put in a URL and have the whole web site translated.  Cool!  Of course, I have no idea how good the translation is, if you read one of these languages let me know.


Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese





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  1. Hiroyuki says:

    Your first link is Japanese. And I must tell you that it is pretty much incomprehensible…

    Tōkyō, Japan

  2. kip says:

    You might want to try

    http:/ is the Windows Live version of MS Research’s translation software, with augmentation by Systran.

    Try it, it’s catching on 😉

  3. Hiroyuki says:

    As suggested, I tried the English -> Japanese translation from Windows Live. This version is equally incomprehensible. To give you an idea of the "translation", I will translate the translation back into English. Due to the major structural differences between English and Japanese, my translation may be more comprehensible than the Japanese.


    A blog of Chinese my?

    We are using Microsoft research’s machine translation in order to always translate DOC into different languages the assistance of WLK. Today I saw, via introduction, and I this URL. In actuality, I hence not not be sure detect which language: I place UK words and phrases, and it is nice to have it translate this. (Chillingly) cool! Of course, I read good translation how I do not know, and one of these languages is known by me.


    Personally, I got a laugh out of the "(Chillingly) cool" bit 😀

    Tōkyō, Japan

  4. Songfrog says:

    I checked the Simplified Chinese version. The translation is very bad. 🙁

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