Upcoming Releases of the Windows Logo Kit



Here's a long overdue update on the coming releases from the Windows Logo Kit.

  • A preview of the 1.1 release is currently on Connect. WLK 1.1 will be the first kit which supports Server 2008 logos.  It will also support all other current logo programs.  The 1.1 WLK is scheduled to RTM November 17.  Also, 1.1 will be required for Server 2008 logos.  For all other logos you may continue to use 1.0.c or you may use 1.1.
  • In January of next year we'll have a service pack for 1.1. 
  • In February we'll have a preview release of the next version of the WLK, currently code named "Boston."  The preview release will be your first opportunity to see the new tests for the Windows Logo Program 2008 refresh. 
  • WLK "Boston" will RTM in April.  You may begin using it for logo as soon as it releases.  Starting June 1, 2008 all logo submission must be done from WLK "Boston."

Comments (4)
  1. bycheung says:

    Thanks for posting this Craig!!!  I’m so pleased that you released the WLK cadence for us to use for planning and scheduling!  

  2. ken says:

    Thanks Craig.

    But I just tried 1.1 on Windows 2008 RC8 it did not work.

    The message is " OS not supported".

    Do you have an update?

  3. Sylvain Boily says:

    thanks a lot Craig. I have to agree with bycheung, very good to know for planning purpose.

    If I understand correctly 1.0c will be the required version of the WLK until Boston comes out ?


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