Which WLK should I use

With all of the releases we’ve had, WLK, OS, WLP, it can be difficult to answer the question, which kit should I use.  These statements should make it simple… ·         Either WLK 1.0.c or WLK 1.1 may be used for XP, Server 2003, and Vista RTM submissions. ·         WLK 1.1 must be used for Server…


Storage WDK Blog

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times…I have yet to meet anyone on a Windows device team that is not totally dedicated to helping you get your devices logo’d.  Storage is one of the very best…check out their excellent WDK blog.


WLK 1.1 Released to Microsoft Connect

WLK 1.1 was posted to connect with Vista SP1 RC1 and Server 2008 RC1 last night.  The official announcement is below and will be in Monday’s edition of the WHQL news. WLK 1.1 Release Announcement We are pleased to announce the release of the Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.1 to support the Windows Server 2008…


Final WLK 1.1 Preview Build Available

Last week we posted the final preview build for WLK 1.1 to Connect.  This is the last opportunity to make sure everything is working.  We’ll release this kit with Server 2008 RC1 and will begin accepting logo submissions for all programs from 1.1 at that time.


LogoFest Content for Free

The Windows Logo Program team puts on LogoFest events at strategic times throughout the year.  These are highly valuable events on a number of levels.  For our hardware partners it’s a great opportunity to be right on the Microsoft campus while you’re doing the testing required to certify your device.  Should you run into a…


My Blog in Chinese?

We’ve been working with Microsoft Research to use their machine translation technology to translate the WLK help docs into different languages.  Today I’m looking through my referrals and I found this URL.  Actually, I’m not sure what language that is, but check out http://translate.google.com/.  I can put in any English word or phrase and have…


Just for Fun

Here are a couple of the things that are being done to raise awareness about the Windows Logo Program.  I found coach to be quite entertaining. http://www.productsofchampions.com/ http://www.road2greatness.com/


New Windows Logo Kit 1.1 Build Posted

Yesterday we posted a new build of WLK 1.1 to Connect.  This is our lockdown entry build so there will be no additional features or tests from this point forward, only bug fixes.  Enjoy.


Upcoming Releases of the Windows Logo Kit

  Here’s a long overdue update on the coming releases from the Windows Logo Kit. A preview of the 1.1 release is currently on Connect. WLK 1.1 will be the first kit which supports Server 2008 logos.  It will also support all other current logo programs.  The 1.1 WLK is scheduled to RTM November 17. …


You need this QFE

We have no mechanism to actually require a QFE, and we usually recommend that you not install a QFE unless you’re seeing exactly the issue the QFE is designed to address.  QFE 304 is the exception.  Download it from here.  We’re recommending that it be installed on all 1.0.c controller immediately.   We’re making this recommendation for…