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One of the most consistent things I've heard from both our internal and external partners since WinHEC is the need for more and better DTM documentation.  What we can get into the product is pretty much locked down at this point.  However, that won't stop us.  We have a number of mechanisms for getting critical documentation out.  This is an example, describing DTM database maintenance procedures.

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  1. T.Ashton says:

    Is there an established mechanism to provide suggestions for DTM feature inclusion? I have only been using the DTM for about a week now, and I know for a fact that I have not yet scratched the surface of it’s capabilities, but I can think of several features I would like to see included in future releases.  (most to help me debug what I am doing wrong)

    Progress indicatiors to asses (more granular) client side test progress.

    Client Side status indicator (on the test client)- showing the same test status/progress.

    More human (non-developer) level error messages.

    just some random musings…


    Sharp Labs

  2. Edward Dekker says:

    For small sites, like mine, the requirement that the DTM Controller run on 2003 Server presents a backup problem.

    My big tape drive is on my server which runs a Single Server license of Backup Express.  I can back up the server and all the workstations in my network but can not back up a second server.  

    In order to accommodate the DTM controller (when I get DTM working) I will need a second partition on the DTM controller computer with XP loaded on it and boot XP in order to back up the DTM controller.  This will make automated backups impossible. The alternative is an extremely expensive software upgrade.

    Allowing the DTM controller to run on XP before the code is frozen would simplify routine backups for sites like mine.

  3. Please definitely work on the documentation.  While I cannot run it in my personal lab, since the lack of XP support on the controller, I am dealing with a number of other people including my customers – NONE OF WHOM HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN RUNNING A TEST UNDER DTM.  

    The dccumentation is poor and the various documents are conflict from one another.  Also the deletion of the newsgroup means that a lot of the note that got people close to running a test have been withdrawn from public access and there is no equivalent documetation.

    Don Burn

  4. I have been using DTM for a couple weeks also here.

    Everything works fine for now, except maybe a few bugs with the software. (Sorting by Creation Date Generate an error when the system is not set to US convention)

    There is one little problem I found regarding the documentation, it talks about a lot of aspects of DTM that seems to be not yet available to the testers.

    eg: WTTLogger, Gathering our own hardware, Setting up the email, and more.

    As for new functionality, I would like to see a WakeOnLan function that would allow DTM Studio to send a packet to a client PC that requires a shutdown (Firmware Update as an example).

    Sylvain Boily

  5. Mike Carvin says:

    Could more explicit, step-by-step instructions for performing database maintenance be provided?  Just a test grunt here, with next to no database or admin experience (no plans on learning it just for DTM).  Couldn’t a set of backup/archival/recovery tasks be built into the DTM?

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