DTM Support moving to newsgroup model

DTM support is moving to a newsgroup model which should make the increasing volumes easier to manage.  From our support team...


DTM now has a newsgroup:

Please start telling DTM customers about this newsgroup.  We (DTM Support) will be monitoring the newsgroup to ensure timely response to customer posts.  I’ve posted a couple of FAQ posts to get started...We will start transitioning over to this newsgroup as the primary source of support for DTM (instead of dtmsupp@microsoft.com).  We expect to decommission the dtmsupp@microsoft.com alias at RC1.

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  1. Norman Diamond says:

    I agree with newsgroups too.  But there’s a certain particular famous software company which has published various announcements over the past year or longer, boasting of their improvements by transitioning its assertions of support from newsgroups to forums, the MSDN feedback site (now part of Connect), etc.  Do they know anything about your company’s improvements, and vice-versa?

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