DTMSupp and WDKSupp

Steve made mention of the LDKFB alias going away.  I'm glad to hear he's had a good experience with the DDKSupp alias.  I can tell you that the people on the WDKSupp alias have the same level of commitment and real access to the people on the product team.  In fact, we've implemented a twice monthly review of top support issues lead by the WDKSupp team and attended by the key people on the product team. 

For WDK users the transition to WDKSupp is a big step in the right direction.  It means that, for the first time, people attempting to do logo testing have full-time support professionals at their disposal. 

Also, because the LDKFB alias is gone doesn't mean we're not interested in product feedback.  Please feel free to use me for that.

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