DTM Screencasts: Just in time for Beta 2

When you get your Beta 2 build of the DTM you'll have a new resource.  Below are links to the first series of DTM screencasts.  Each is a 15-minute, or so, tutorial on how to do a specific task within the DTM.  Please let me know what other topics you'd like to see.



Comments (1)

  1. dispensa says:

    A bit of beta 2 WDK feedback – I just tried installing it on a relatively fresh (1 day old + some dev crap) XP VM. I decided to just install absolutely everything in the kit, so I hit each of the install buttons in sequence, and then for the WDK installer itself, I selected all of the options. It failed right at the end (i.e. ~30 minutes later) and totallly rolled back. I think it was the DTM component of the install; I haven’t researched it at all yet but it did install properly when I excluded DTM component.

    I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but even so, a slightly earlier warning would have been nice. IIRC this happened with the Beta 1 kit too, under similar circumstances.

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