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I've been impressed with the value of Wikipedia lately.  In the past using the Internet to search for information on an reasonably common topics often led to many useless links.  Today I know I can go to Wikipedia and likely get good, topical information and links to the best resources on the web to learn more.  To that end I have made an entry for the Driver Test Manager.

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    That a shame. You have linked to your own blog in this entry.

    "Links to normally avoid

    9. A website that you own or maintain (unless it is the official site of the subject of the article)

    10. Blogs… "

  2. craigrow says:

    You know what, I’m guilty of not reading that page prior to creating the article.  However, doesn’t this give me an exemption…"or if the website is of particularly high standard?"


  3. Garry Trinder says:


    I’ve no problems with your blog.

    But Wikipedia quality comes from following those rules.

    You have confirmed your own statement “reasonably common topics often led to many useless links”.

    Your first link is for WDK – not for DTM.

    Your blog will change over time and has lot of irrelevant postings (like "Other stuff" category).

    Regarding quality – take a look on blogs like . It post highly detailed and interesting topics on high constant rate (~60 postings per month).

    Do not take this personally – but I feel that you could better spend your time by publishing information on Microsoft websites (or your blog) instead of editing Wikipedia.

    You and only you have resources for this – in contrast anybody of your blog readers will be able to post summaries to Wiki.

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