Where do I get the ASI logs?

If you're reporting an ASI bug or other problem to Microsoft it is important that you include the ASI logs.  Here are some details on how to locate the right logs...


ASI.exe logs

When ASI exits with an error, the location of the log file will be displayed on the screen. ASI client logs can be found in the logs directory under where ASI is installed. The files are named “ASI*.log” where * is a number starting at 001 and incrementing for each log file. Generally you can find the binaries at %systemdrive%\ASI (if ASI was installed by WTT or post-OS-setup), or %programfiles%\ASI (if you did an installation manually).

ASIUI.exe logs

ASI UI logs can be found in %temp%\ASI\Logs directory.

Findbuild.exe logs

Findbuild logs can be found in Logs\{DateTime} directory. They are in {Build location name}NNN.log format

ASI Server logs

Server logs can be found in the event viewer (eventvwr.msc).

ASI generated Windows unattend file

ASI generates unattend.xml for Windows Vista installs and unattend.txt for winnt32 installs in the ASI directory. After the install is completed ASI deletes the unattend file to protect the sensitive information present in the file. A copy of the unattend.xml file can be found in the %WINDIR%\Panther directory and a copy of unattend.txt file can be found in %WINDIR%\system32 directory as $winnt$.inf file.

ASI postinstall logs

Postinstall log file Postinstall.log can be found in the "Logs" directory.

ASI client MSI installer log

ASI client MSI log files ASIClient.log and ASISetup.log can be found in %temp%\ASI directory.

If you encounter an error when running ASI and you need support, make sure to include the entire ASI log file that contains the error that you encountered. Note: If you have a Safe OS and a Test OS, ASI will be installed in 2 places and each will have its own log directory. Please include the entire log file rather then just sending the error message that you encounter.

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