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In preparing for our trip to Socal this week I spent a lot of time installing the WDK on different systems last week.  It wasn't because I had a lot of work to do, it was because setup is so difficult.  Let's be honest, WDK setup is not good right now.  The internal arguments usually go like this...

"It's broken!"

"No, if you do each step correctly it works every time."

"It didn't work on my system."

"You must have done something wrong."


So, technically it works but the usability is so bad that failed installs are very common.  Worse, failed installs can leave little things on your system which will make your second attempt even more difficult.  Yes, we're going to fix this.  I would like you help though. 

What setup problems have you run into?  Please be as specific as possible.  If you can give me very clear details I'll work to ensure the issue gets fixed.



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  1. Mike says:

    Strange. I installed and uninstalled it about 3 times and I didn’t have any problems. Just that after uninstall it leaves a lot of ‘dirs’ files behind (and of course all the directories 🙂 ).

  2. I’ve had limited trouble with the WDK, once I disabled installation of DTM. DTM has caused me no end of troubles, though.

    I have WDK installs on a couple of WinXP x86 boxes, a WLH x86 box. I only got DTM to install on one of them, though – before I ran out of patience.

    FWIW, test manager notwithstanding, I’d really prefer to just be able to drag a folder from the dvd to wherever I want it, MS-DOS style. I know that’s a big departure from what we have, but it’s what I usually do internally. Setup takes forever……

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