File shares in XP that aren’t shared

As I've discussed before, ASI won't work unless your clients can get to the file shares created by the ASI server setup.  Here's an issue that is difficult to troubleshoot.  If you're using Windows XP SP2 the UI will tell you that the images folder is being shared, but when you browse to it you get an access denied.  This is a bug in ASI, and also in Windows in my opinion.  I'll get the ASI portion fixed; until then, here is the issue and the work-around. 

The problem is that the ASI server setup is assuming that you're in a domain.  The folder is shared with permissions applied for specific accounts but those accounts don't exist without the domain so you get an access denied when you try to access the folder.  The work-around is easy, un-share the folder then share it again.

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  1. Norman Diamond says:

    What is the Windows bug here? Are you thinking of something like the following?

    Suppose your machine is named "cray", and your machine can connect to domains named "no" and "fast". Suppose your local administrator (perhaps yourself) created an account for you on your local machine, and both domain administrators used their domain controllers to create domain accounts for you. At login time you can choose which account to log into:




    Whichever account you log into, you need to type its password and you get its rights.

    Suppose the administrator of the "slow" domain had created accounts some time ago for your ex-wife and just now for you, so at login time you can choose among these:





    Would you really want slowgrow to be able to login to your machine and get the same rights that crayglow has? I don’t think so, I think you’d only want that for slowgrow2. So yes, domain accounts are separate from local accounts, and separate from each other.

  2. craigrow says:

    I was hoping someone would ask me what the Windows bug is. Actually, I see two. The first is somewhat unrelated to this specifically but…

    The folders shared by ASI setup appear, in all Windows UI, to be shared. However, file and printer sharing is turned off. Windows should not tell a user a folder is shared when file and printer sharing is turned off.

    The second bug I need to investigate a little more, bug here is the scenario…

    ASI setup creates the images share and assigns the ASIUsers group read permission. The workgroup machine has no UI to show what groups have access. The user can only see that the folder is shared. If you attempt to browse to this share you get an Access Denied, but have no UI to view the permission on the share or change them.

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