What in the world is going on?

First we heard the rumors that Microsoft was buying AOL and now this...Windows will run on Palm devices!  What's next?

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  1. You forgot to mention the new rumors about Microsoft buying SAP 🙂

  2. Norman Diamond says:

    According to Windows Vista beta 1, Microsoft is buying the US government. I am not joking. Maybe Windows Vista beta 1 is joking, so maybe you can let us know. I’ll just report the evidence.

    First for comparison, domain names ending in .com can be used for commercial operations anywhere in the world. I think .co.jp is the same, and obviously some other countries such as .nu and .tv are the same, but .com really doesn’t even specify a country.

    But .gov and .edu are different. Just as .go.jp specifies the Japanese government, .gov specifies the United States government, and you just need magic eyeglasses to see the country abbreviation in that domain name. Actually .edu used to be usable anywhere in the world but some time ago it was also changed to include an invisible specification of US location.

    The next bit of background is that in Windows XP, the NTP client defaults to synchronizing with time.windows.com. This domain maps to IP addresses in the 207.46 range so they’re obviously owned by Microsoft.

    Now we get to Windows Vista beta 1. The NTP client defaults to synchronizing with time.windows.GOV. Is Microsoft letting the US government take over Windows? I don’t think so. The outcome of the anti-trust case already showed us who’s more powerful than whom. Obviously Microsoft is taking over the US government.

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